Alexis Hardy

I cannot believe we are already a week into our adventure! This week has been a blur. From getting sick on the 15-hour bus ride to relaxing at Mr. Dharmi’s Orchard Hut, this week has been filled with many amazing memories. I did not expect India to be such a beautiful, yet sad country. The poverty here is shocking and it drives me even more to try and make a difference in these girls’ lives. I am in love with the beautiful jungle mountains.  We hiked to Mr. Dharmi’s Orchard Hut located in the Himalaya mountains. Mr. Dharmi’s place was perfect for recuperating from the long travel hours.

Today we finally met the girls. This moment made my trip. Being sick has made me exhausted, but completely worth it after meeting these girls. They were so excited to see us. I cannot wait to build a relationship with these girls. I cannot wait to teach them and be taught by them. I’m so excited for the upcoming week!