Ah Tender.

To start being in India is amazing. So different from home. But there is something that ties us all together humanity. We all need love and kindness and to know that someone cares. The people we visit and teach act as though us being here is a great act and in many ways they treat us like celebrities. It is so humbling. Today when we arrived for teaching at the village school there was a group of kids who just wanted to walk with us to school. They want to hold our hands and spend time with us walking to school. It was so important to be with us they came early and waited just to be our friends. After teaching in the village schools we go on village tours. We walk to 2 or 3 homes and visit. They always bless us and try to care for us and feed us. Here I am an over fed American being served by people who may not have enough to eat very, very humbling. Yesterday we visited a family the daughter has been diagnosed with a hole in her heart. They found out about the condition thanks to a Nishtha sponsored exam. But they are awaiting a government grant or loan to get the surgery. Talk about touching. And this father telling us this story asking for us to eat food and treating like we are doing something great for him just by being there in hi house. All of us there can’t help but feeling touched.

So now to the good stuff (me team). I may be biased but of all the great teens with us in India my team in the best. I am spoiled as an adult leader because they do most of the work. And it is amazing how each one of them connects with different kids in very individual ways. Kat is so sweet with the each of the kids here. They remember her from the very first day when she introduced herself as Kat “meow”. And there are often kids gathered around her. Jessica shares so much joy and love with everybody. Yesterday when her lesson was finished she found a quieter place and was singing and playing with her groups of girls. Laura is a great teacher. When she found the girls not listening she found it more effective to just improvise and ask questions about life. The girls opened up and they shared a great moment in English. Keaton is a great learner and a great teacher. (I think he might speak Bengali before he leaves.) He shared a lesson a Nature that was so impactful I think it sunk in with every kid. The kids have so much fun learning I have a hard time telling them it is time to change groups. Emily is our team leader (not an easy choice with a group of 5 great leaders). She has done a great job (even though she is still missing her personal luggage). Great attitude, and so open and caring with all the kids. I love being able to count on Emily to be happy and helpful whenever there is something to be done. Today we got back from teaching all of the teens were supposed to be getting ready for tomorrow. I walked in and there was our team taking care of business. There are so many things that make me grateful for these teens and all they do. There is no way to tell you parents how grateful I am to you for letting your kids share this time together. I will be a better person for this time with your kids. My team might be the best but all of the teens here are incredible and are touching many lives including mine.