Adversity a Part of Every Great Adventure!

The YMAD team is still in transit to Shalai. It seems as tho their patients is being tried and they are taking it in stride! After the long wait at the airport they finally left on the bus for Dheredun. Two hours into the bus ride the water pump blew up on the bus. Another delay for two hours while thing got fixed and the team was back on the road. The silver lining was that for some reason there was a Dominos Pizza near by and they all got a good dinner of something that looked and tasted familiar. Once back on the road the experienced a real india traffic jam. This was unlike anything here in the US. It seems there was a huge wedding procession going down the highway that had blocked the traffic for miles. Another two hour set back. The team will reached Dheredun by 12:30AM. The decision was made to spend the night in Dheredun and get some rest before pushing the last five hours. The team is getting a well deserved nights rest in the hotel and will have a good breakfast before starting the SUV ride in to the Himalayas! It is always this part of the journey that set up the rest of the experience. From the most difficult challenges come the sweetest rewards.