Every day there is a new adventure. Nothing is consistent on this trip except the constant honking and the man up the street who burns the most amazing incense every morning. But its the chaos that makes this experience beautiful. Even the surprise of getting sick and throwing up all night (sorry mom, that's why I didn't blog yesterday).  

Its oftentimes hard to sit here and blog because of all the adventure that is still out there.


Today was our last day at the ashram (we still have one more at the school). We painted the gloomy walls a sky blue. I got to paint the rays on the sun. As I was doing so, one of the boys tapped my shoulder and said: "thank you, thank you, kush, kush". In case you didn't know from everyone else's blogs, kush means happy.


Leaving them was sad, but it made me happy that we could add a little light in their life. We gave each kid a hat, mattress, and a hug. But I didn't leave empty handed. They will never know how much light their smiles brought into my life.


Until the next adventure,


(Dictated to Sarah Sloan, because she looks great in her sari, and Kristen has henna hands)


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