Abbey Park

India is so much better than I imagined it would be. We are always very well taken care of. All of us girls sleep in a big room and we all have our own mat to sleep on with a cute striped sheet. We have a bathroom with showers and we even have electricity, I might have been the only one, but I didn’t think we would even have that. The food is very good and I’m actually probably going to miss it. We are so lucky! The women at Nishtha told us we are always welcome to come back, we are their sisters, and they even clean up our rooms daily. Every time we go into a village the families treat us like royalty, they give us their food, and do a little ceremony where they put a binde (dot) on our forehead and flowers on our head. They also tell us we are always welcome back.  The first day we met the Main Day Boarding day school girls I had this little girl named Sarika gravitate toward me, I’ll always remember sitting on the concrete floor and having this little girl I had never even met treat me like I was her best friend. As we sat and listened to whatever Jeff or Jane or their teacher was saying she just sat right by me and held both of my hands. Everyday she has pretty much always been by my side. There is no better feeling than having my little friend constantly wanting to hold my hand, braiding and putting flowers in my hair, writing my name in bengali, and telling me I’m beautiful. Sarika came back to the school about a month ago after being sent to Mumbai for two and a half years to do manual labor to make money for her family, she is only 11... I can’t even imagine. She has little to nothing and everyday she has brought me candy and she even gave me her bracelet.  It’s crazy how after only two days “my girl” is so special to me.  

The people here are the most selfless people I’ve ever met and I’ve learned so much from them through their actions. Now I know why you’ve come back to India twice Alex lol and Mommy I’ve only seen TWO spiders..! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the chance to come to India and see the endless beauty in EVERYTHING.