A typical day in India: Jessica West

A typical day in India consists of lots of little children swarming all around you. Even though they don’t speak perfect english they always want to talk. Here are some phrases that each one of us heres about five thousand times a day.

“GOOD MORNING” (as we walk into our village school all their faces light up with bright smiles and sparkling eyes)

“one family picture one family picture” (literally every single child wants a picture of you and your family so they can keep it forever)

“how are you? i am pine” (they love asking how we are. they always respond with i am fine but with their little indian accents it sounds like pine.  and we are all trying to teach them to say good.)

“one picture. you me. one picture.” (they all absolutely love taking pictures with us)

“are you okay?” (because i am a clumsy person i always get asked this question. whenever a stub my toe, run into a window shutter, or trip they all run over to make sure I’m okay.)

“jessica you are my best friend” (the way the kids say jessica with their adorable indian accents melts my heart. i request when i get home everybody says my name like all the kids do)

“no cry” (the girls say this as they wipe away your tears. seriously so tender.)

“no america. please stay here.” (i cannot tell you how tempting this is. if i had it my way i wouldn’t come home and i would stay with them forever.)

these kids are the absolute cutest. i love them with my whole heart. they have changed my life in so many ways. tomorrow will be the hardest day of my life saying goodbye to them. but i am so beyond grateful I’ve had this AMAZING experience. i can’t wait to see what else india brings. i am very happy. i love you all so much!!

lots of love,