A Tuna Fish Masterpiece

Growing up, I can recall on many occasion's when my mother would prepare a tuna sandwich for all us children for lunch. Mom would meticulously mix the tuna, mayonnaise and a dab of mustard until it tasted just so. The thinly grated cheese and the finely chopped onions were mixed in the tuna along with a perfect sprinkle of salt and pepper and garnished with finely chopped lettuce. After the tuna and garnish were deliberately spread to every corner of the bread so that no bite was deprived of tasty tuna, the sandwich was cut at a diagonal and presented to me. It was essentially a tuna master piece and I would turn up my nose. Every time. Tuna was disgusting.

Last night, after several meals of the rice, chick pea slop, and goat (that’s what they are telling the kids, I’m pretty sure it’s dog), Glenda the Good Witch in the form of Jane Cobabe and with the love of my Mommy gave me a package of already prepared tuna salad in a bag. Never in my life has tuna tasted so good or have I wanted a Barbara Kime Tuna Masterpiece sooooo bad.

More than anything, on Thanksgiving in India, it made me grateful for all the things, big and small, my parents do, and have done that have made my life a masterpiece. Make no mistake, my life is a masterpiece. My life is a kaleidoscope of colorful people, speckles of heartache and patches of joy. It is also filled with epic failures and unbelievable success.

As I sit on a rooftop in Baruipur, that would be shut down by the health department, eating my tuna salad from Glenda the Good Witch, I am thankful for these kids, I am thankful for the other leaders and I am thankful for the Bairds. They have contributed so much color to my masterpiece. I am thankful!!