A Surreal Beginning - Brayden Forbes

Finding the words to describe what I’m experiencing is beyond me; no composition could paint the scenes of the last four days. After traveling for 19 hours, we stepped off the airplane in New Delhi. There, I was instantly enveloped by the humidity of India. The intrinsic scent came with it. From there we took a bus to our train station, where we boarded the night train for 8 hours. It was there, scrunched on the top cot of a northbound train, that I realized the next two and half weeks would be very much different than life at home. That occurred to me again while staring at a hole in the floor for a toilet. Balance becomes an important skill on a rocking train. From there, we hopped into cars and drove up the mountain to our destination in Chamba. Here, surrounded by the lush Himalayas, I now wake up every morning in awe because of its beauty.

The last two days we have spent the morning and afternoon teaching these amazing girls from the orphanage here. We have taught English, first aid, math, dental hygiene, done medical exams, and shared supplies brought from America. I am so impressed with the girls we get to help; they are so happy with life in spite of the challenges of poverty. Happiness really is a choice.

Well, that is my quick summary of my surreal beginning here in India. I am more than excited to be here, and look forward to the changes we get to make in the lives of the humble. I want to thank everyone at home who helped get me here, and, more importantly, helped provide for these girls. I love y’all.

Brayden Forbes