A Shock of Amazement - Sarah Sturt

We arrived in Nishtha early this morning. I couldn’t fall asleep.  I was in shock. I could not take in the fact that I am in India and being in a place that was not what I expected. I was thinking what am I doing? Jeff and Annie took me on a short walk around to see India. It was probably an eight minute trip, and all I can say is that it was speechless. The people are all friendly and seem so happy, no matter if they are sleeping in a shack. Jeff took a picture of this lady and man, then showed them their picture. The women started to giggle, it was really cool to see that.  After we had brunch we got ready to go visit the Girl’s Day Boarding School. The drive there was definitely the greatest adventure! Drivers are extremely offensive. The drivers play chicken the whole time! It is super intense but I love it! When we got to DBS and these girls, I cannot explain the feeling I had. I knew that I came to India for these girls. I have never felt so overwhelmed by someone I have never met before. I looked around and all the members of YMAD felt the same thing, we were all crying. They gave us a ceremony of “passing the light” they said that we are all brothers and sisters and that the Day Boarding School is our second home. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow! When we got back we had a ceremony with the Nishtha women. Some of these women walked four hours to welcome our group. I felt so much love for these women. They taught me the importance of love, dedication, and family. We ended up dancing with them to end with a positive note. Its so cool how people can become so close in the smallest amount of time. I have learned so much in just one day, I can’t wait for all the upcoming experiences that I will have.