A Light in the Dark: Emily Pace

My journal of full of pages and pages of thoughts, experiences, and priceless moments--too many to relate in just one blog post! But I will try to share some of the highlights. (Sometimes I wish I could just dump my brain out right in front of me and pick through each precious bit of memory--if only!) It is so beautiful here! I have tried to capture the beauty of the lush green hillsides and the trees wrapped up in mist on my camera but it in no way does it justice. The bright houses and buildings nestled into the trees here and there make quite a view when we are driving up to our village.

There was one moment when we were driving back from town in the dark and the mountainside was all lit up with splashes of light here and there from those little buildings and the thought occurred to me that our little village school is just one of those tiny lights. And that in just one of those lights are 26 dirty, scruffy, adorable, perfect children that I am able to teach and love. It boggled my mind to think of how small scale this is and yet how big of a difference we can actually make. I have learned so much here!

As for the kids, it’s amazing to think that on the first day they were a bunch of faces and now I know their names and feel I have a connection with each one. Teaching my lessons has gone great but my favorite thing is just laughing and playing with the kids and making them smile. There is no such thing as a fake smile for these children--they are completely genuine and I love that. One of my favorite moments was our second day up in our school when Purshotam (an adorable 10 year old boy) saw me from a couple feet away and gasped with the most excited look on his face. He then ran and flung his arms around my neck and made a delighted sound that I have no word for.   It was one of those moments that is so precious to me. Now we do this every time we see each other.

Other highlights are making Bohd Raj smile, playing chase with all the little boys and having them tickle me, playing “Stop and Go” (My rendition of red light/green light) and having them attack me with bear hugs instead of merely tagging me. There is no such thing as just holding ONE kid’s hand because whenever you hold hands at least three children are on each side, hugging your arm or holding your wrist.

Some other highlights: one of our kids, Digvijay, and his brother Dijal picking red flowers for us to eat, showering in an ice-cold waterfall, and bonding with my roomies. :)

Mom & Dad: I hope you recorded Sarah’s farewell! I miss her tons she will do great in Finland.