A Few Days of Firsts:

These past few days have been wonderful!  Quite a few amazing things have happened, and I have loved every single second of it.  My firsts have been: gone on a plane for longer than 45 minutes (about 30 hours straight), seen the ocean, felt like a super star while riding in a mini-van, felt like I might actually die multiple times while driving, seen and experienced the Himalayas, flown on a mini-plane, seen monkeys in real life, and a lot of other crazy things. Both of my bags got stuck and so I haven’t changed my outfit since Friday.  A wee bit gross, but we are living with it.  The camp we are staying at is a LOT nicer than I was expecting.  I’m in a room, not a tent, and we have a western bathroom connected to our bedroom!  It is quite wonderful.

Everything is absolutely stunning here.  It is so green and gorgeous, and it is honestly shockingly beautiful.  Today we met the kids, and it was seriously amazing!  My little kids I am falling in love with are Anita, Sonya, and Sonya’s little brother whose name I still can’t pronounce, or even attempt to spell.  I am LOVING it here.  Since I don’t have time to write anything else, I love you all!  And Bex, since I won’t be blogging on your birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOSE!  I can’t say I’m missing you dreadfully, because I love it here so much, but I love you.

Carolyn Ferrin