A Fantastic Start--Austin Bunkall

Well this has been a fantastic start to an amazing week!  It all began with the late wake-up in the morning, because we got to our camp so late, so we all got an extra hour of sleep.  Then we all headed off to our schools to teach our  schools, and instantly upon arrival, we fell in love with our children.  They were all lined up, and were the tiniest little kids I have ever seen.  Honestly, I was so happy to be here and able to enjoy this experience with everyone I’ve come so close to know.  The kids were fantastic, and made the long travel all worth it.  An all around solid day, and when we got back we had a meeting about how to help the kids at the school through Improvement of the area.  After a amazing inspirational story from our beloved leader, Daniel Payne (Dan-babe as we refer to him as), we all headed back to our camps.  The ladies set off for the town to go shopping, and the bros all somehow met in the elect tent (Steven, Tanner, and me’s).  This is where all the amazing and hilarious stories were brought out, and lead to everyone laughing till we cried.  We soon all departed and went our separate ways, and the elect tent took a nap.  Sooner than we knew it, it was dinner time and we headed up to the cafeteria area where the girls soon joined us.  Being how exhausted that we were Steven, Tanner and I went back to our tents and decided to head off to bed early.  My school leader unfortunately reminded me that I had to come and type this blog that I am currently am typing.  Well, one thing led to the next, and an all out war broke out in our tent, and the result was one of the most memorable moments of our tent harassing our leader and preventing us further to make us meet up that night for the final group meeting.  All I know is my head hurts from laughing so hard, and I wouldn’t have had a more fantastic day then what has occurred.  Some amazing lives have been affected today, and its because of this wonderful service that we are all doing.  I love being here, and I have come so close to everyone.  Love you all and hope you enjoy reading the blogs. P.S.   The food is actually fantastic, and the housing is brilliant.  Far from what I was expecting it to be.  If you have the thought of joining this expedition sometime, know you will enjoy every second of it and look forward to everything that you do.

P.S.S.  Be thankful for what you’ve been blessed with, there are literally millions who have less than what you have, and even more who have less than them.

Goodnight all!