A Day in India: Alexis Bennett

Incase you haven’t pieced it together yet, I will walk you through a day here in India Wake up call a 5:30

We get ready and go eat breakfast. S/o to Abajite for some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Get in the tatas and drive to the village. I now know what it feels like to drive with Augustus Waters on drugs.

When we arrive at the villages, the kids welcome us with open arms and hearts with flowers to greet us. There is an adorable little girl that never says a word, but has a flower for me everyday and never lets go of my arm. It is so humbling to see most of them in the same outfit everyday, knowing I have a whole closet of clothes waiting for me at home.

S/o to Mr. Bell because, as it turns out it is really hard to teach kids a new language.

After teaching we tour the village, the people welcome us with open arms and sit us on their nicest furniture which is usually a rug. I love the unconditional love of the kids that surround us as we walk through the village.

We got to the Main Day Boarding School next. The girls there are the cutest girls I have ever met. It is amazing to me that though I just met them they want presents, pictures, and gifts from me all the time. People in America would never do this, and if they did it would be way creepy. That’s why I’m not coming home.

Leaving the girls is the worst thing ever. I almost cry everyday when they leave so I can’t even imagine leaving them forever. Another reason why I will not be coming home.

When we come home at night we are all on a high from the fun day, so you can imagine the craziness that happens at Nishta.

I can’t believe I don’t miss home at all (sorry family) but I love India with my whole heart.


- Alexis Bennett