A Bold Request - Marissa Anderson

After only a few hours of sleep, we were up and ready to begin a full day in Singapore. We split into two different groups based upon who our adult leaders were. Our group started off on a bus tour, allowing us to see the beautiful country. Everything was so green and full of life. We got off the bus to be able to see the Marina Bay Hotel, a giant building with a boat shaped fixture on top. It basically looked like an enormous battleship. We were hoping to be able to go the top of the building to get a birds’ eye view of Singapore. Once entering the immaculate hotel, however, it came to our attention that it was $20 per person to go to the top. Jane was not about to let this get in our way. Using one of the skills we had been taught during our training, Jane made a Bold Request. She went to a man at the desk, told him who we were, what we were doing, what YMAD was all about, and then asked him if we could somehow get to the top, as none of us had $20 to spend. The man, Jim, thought about it for a minute, took a deep breath, and then announced he would take us to the roof. He said that he can rarely take people to the top, and if he can, the most he is able to take are three people; we had fifteen. Jane’s bold request turned out to be even more than an elevator ride to the rooftop; Jim took us on a two hour private tour of the whole entire hotel. It was amazing! The view from the roof was better than I could have ever imagined. Jim pointed out to us all the places of interest and told us facts about all of them. We were up so high we were even able to see across to Malaysia. It was the best way we could have experienced Singapore. Who knew that a simple bold request could have allowed us to do so much?