A blog? I think I should!

Hello world- Giggles. Well today has been a treat!  We really got down and dirty with the indian kids. I mean I cleaned diapers washed walls killed spiders and cooked curry. My favorite memory of the day was definitely that moment when I realized that my glitter mascara still had 4 uses out of it. Lol hags and hearts! I just have to say how much I LOVE pansy flowers. I have been picking them all day. I can't wait to get home and plant petunias, daisies, delfinias and eat pine cones. Whoops did i say that out loud I mean eat pretzels. YEP I love pretzles and cake. Boy do I love cake! Cake in the morning, cake in the shower, cake in class. Yes I love cake! If any of you fellow bloggers have some bomb digity cake recipes, hit a girl up. I can only eat gluten free cake btw! Ok fun world. Kayley out! LOLZ!

Okay okay I'm just kidding, i didn't even write that blog up there but i had to post it. I've been sitting here for about 30 minutes just pondering on how even to write this thing i guess is called a blog? everyone was real nice with helping me write something that suits my personality just perfectly. i guess i like flowers and glitter mascara and cake? i don't really know. on the real though, i am so grateful to be apart of this trip, and this experience is already changed my life and is continuing to change my life as i write this.

india is incredible and i cant seem to get enough. the scenery is unreal and i wish a camera or words could capture the beauty here. pictures dont even do it justice.  today was the fifth day in our schools, it doesnt feel like we have been here long enough . i wish i could spend all my time with the kids. i cant believe how much i love them and i have only known them all for 5 days. 5 days must be enough time to love someone incredibly because i do. today was mother earth day and i got to teach them colors. they are already so smart and knew colors so it was a easy easy day. i also got to bring out the parachute. it was the best day yet. on a scale of one to two, india is definitely a two.

ps mom and dad im safe, happy, and disease free.

peace and blessings

Kayley Cheminant

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