53 hours and 54 minutes later……

Nate Walker five airplane rides, and a seven hour car ride, still the best time of my life, the traveling was so much fun we would hangout on the planes and party and have fun!  When we finally arrived we didn’t see much because we were in New Delhi and couldn’t see for more than two miles because of how bad the pollution is. Then we took a plane ride to Chandagar and the pollution wasn’t as bad. The day began as us driving through the city, it was terrifying! The driver was going about  45  mph he whole time and was weaving through traffic! It was so incredible if only people in Utah were as good of drivers, we didn’t see one car crash the entire day. I never really understood poverty until I drove here, you would see people on the side of the road trying to sell stuff, or just sitting there with nothing better to do, or well some were peeing… When you looked at where people were living you would just see houses made out of junk, they honestly went to junk yards and just found stuff to use to live in. The people here are so beautiful and they are so incredible! The Himalayas are so beautiful the long drive up here put everyone to sleep but me, I was wide awake, eyes wide, I couldn’t even blink I just wanted to take everything in, everything was so beautiful and the buildings were all old and decaying but they just made the land more amazing! So now im just chilling in the Himalayas!

The first day we went to my school I was so nervous and had no idea how to feel, all I could think was, I hope they like me…. The kids are so amazing and so incredibly smart! My very first day we I taught introductions and they caught on so fast! They loved learning how to wave and shake hands! They figured things out so fast! The language barrier between the kids and I wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I already talk a lot with my hands so it was really easy to talk to. I really love these kids so much they are so beautiful and smart!  They next day was health day and I taught them about eating healthy! The kids are so smart they caught on just like that! I was teaching them about food and I would make the sound of the fruit as I ate it and they would all copy me and say it and then I would rub my stomach if it was good or groan if it was bad.  They all copied me and it was so much fun, then I taught them about the food pyramid and they caught on so fast they when I showed them the fruit card they knew exactly which category it went to! They are so smart and I know it is going to be so hard to say goodbye to these guys I love them!

Im loving camp, most of us are in tents and some of us are in this family’s home. My tent consists of Zach, Bennett, and I, at first I was worried but I freaking love those guys, it is just so chill in my tent. I am loving it here everything is so chill here, the food is amazing, this family cooks for us and it is soo good, the food is a bit spicy but its more of a kick, its way good! Im loving all the people here they are so funny and so much fun to talk to!

Today we went on this hike up to the most amazing place I have seen my entire life! It is honestly five minutes from our camp and it is so crazy cool, its an all natural waterfall that they built bridges to along time ago to, everything is old and broken and covered in mold it was so crazy cool!

So today was holy day, you know the festival of colors, ya we are at the real one in INDIA WUS UP! It was so much fun we all wore white and the colors and stuff here honestly dies your skin so now im many colors and so is my hair! After the holy fight we all went up to the waterfall and showered off in it, the water was so so so freaking cold! It felt like use cubes falling on your head and it was killing me, it honestly hurt so bad haha it was so cold we were honestly booking it home.

So my mom of my group Marci is my favorite person! She is so much fun to talk to! Im so hapy that she is my mom, she is one of the few leaders that I can actually be real with, I don’t hide anything from her im happy with my family they are the best people ever!

I’m going to be completely honest I never want to leave here.