Tiana and Alexa with a little help from their friends:

1. Bring lots of toilet paper! A roll + to-go packs out the whazoo.
2. You can never have to many wipes. They don’t necessarily have to be individually wrapped.
3. Use the buddy system.
4. Always be positive. No one likes a negative Nellie.
5. Late night laughs are so worth it. You have plenty of time to sleep while traveling to your many destinations.
6. Learn the Hindi translations to what you are teaching. Also learn key phrases like share, be quiet, listen, etc. Take the time to go the extra mile to learn commonly used phrases such as what is your name, where are you from...etc.)
7. Nail polish parties are the bomb.com. The kids in your ashram will love them too.
8. Always have a hoodie handy.
9. Be prepared for the Kalsuin pooeys…they will come. Nothing a little Imodium and a little TLC can’t fix.
10. Bring shoes that can give you cool tan lines.
11. Bring good hiking shoes!
12. Bond with everyone. Tight like spandex.
13. Shop at DI. You never know what you’ll be able to trade for some stretchy pants.
14. Bring lots of snacks. Sweet healthy snacks are a great break from fried starch. Trail mix and dried fruit are highly recommended.
15. Instant oatmeal saves you from breakfast French fries.
16. Don’t be afraid to try street food! Best food you’ll have.
17. Bring Febreeze, you never know if you’ll be stuck in an SUV that smells like vomit and urine for 6 hours.
18. Fall in love with your orphans. Even though it’s hard to say goodbye its worth it.
19. Straighteners will blow up if you plug them in. Don’t even bother bringing them.
20. Make sure someone brings an iHome. Wall chargers are a must.
21. Don’t bring any jewelry you want to return home with you – You won’t be able to resist giving it all away.
22. Drink lots and lots of water!
23. Maaza mango juice is a gift from heaven. Slice looks similar, but is not the same!
24. Never pay full price for anything.
25. Use the bathroom when you can. Same goes for eating.
26. Discover the beauty of squatters and bucket showers.
27. Embrace the dirt and stench.
28. Mini battery powered fans are a necessity.
29. Practice a number of wash and wear 3-minute hairstyles before you come.
30. Make sure at least one girl (or boy) can French braid. P.S. Eden is pro.
31. Bring sea-bands and Dramamine if you get carsick. Dramamine must be taken an HOUR before driving.
32. When they give you blood thinners for the airplane-take them.
33. Embrace veg food!!
34. Always RUN to the Mo-Mo shack.
35. Sleep as much as you can on the plane
36. Bring good make up—you may not be particularly interested in any of your team, but there could always be interns. (We found this out the hard way)
37. Learn to ignore—you can’t buy everything.
38. “Have a good time, don’t be a good time.” –David & Austin Averett
39. Be outgoing! Your comfort zone is worthless.
40. Expect the unexpected.
41. Bring a bag or satchel… backpack sweat marks are nasty.
42. Never fall asleep when henna is going on in the room.
43. Don’t be surprised to be called by name when it is written in Hindi on your arm.
44. Don’t believe anyone that tells you that you can buy all your souvenirs in Jaipur.
45. Don’t worry, be happy.
46. If the interns tell you something tastes good, make them buy one first.
47. Carry your journal everywhere you go. Every time you have a chance, write!
48. Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins!
49. “Rabie free is the way to be” – Lydia? Nick? Alex? Who really came up with this quote????? We want the truth! ;)
50. Enjoy every day, adore every hour, Love every minute, treasure every second.
We can’t believe it’s our last day. We are so thankful for this opportunity, it’s been amazing