5 Things To Do with DUCT TAPE - Rebecca, Zoe, Emily, Katie, and Janessa

As we come to the end of our journey in India, we have become experts on all things gross, scary, and unfamiliar. We used our duct tape for EVERYTHING and we are so glad we brought it! We would like to share the tricks of the trade with you, our family and friends, in the hopes that you may find these tips helpful in your everyday adventures.  

1. Let's suppose your 50 lb. duffle bag rips open while taking a 22 hour flight from the USA to India. What do you do? You wrap up each hole with a boatload of duct tape and voila! The hole is no more.

2. While taking a 4 hour ride on a rickety bus from Sanderbans to Kolkata, the air conditioning is likely to blow so strongly that you catch pneumonia. The only solution is to duct tape the vents close! (If no duct tape is available, the curtains may also be shoved in the vent to block the air.)

3. Picture this: you find a cockroach on the pillow of your mattress. After a small freak out, you pull out your trusty rusty duct tape and catch that nasty little beast before he even has time to blink.

4. After living without a mirror for two weeks, you find that you have grown a unibrow. The only way to get rid of this lovely feature is to surgically remove it with some duct tape. Caution: surrounding skin may be removed and/or very tender for several days.

5. That awkward moment when you discover lice crawling on your scalp, you might be tempted to shave your head with your razor. However, you can increase your efficiency by 30% if you grease your hair with olive oil and duct tape a plastic bag over your head. Please see the pictures for details.

Despite all challenges we have come across during this journey, we are having a WONDERFUL time here in India and we are so excited to share our adventures with all of you! This has been the trip of a lifetime and we are so happy to be here! We can't wait to see you all on Sunday! Love you!

Love from Rebecca Pace, Zoe Cohn, Emily Winegar, Katie Craig, and Janessa Bond

P.S. Happy 18th Birthday Zoe! We love you! #lice #happybirthday #bestbirthdaypresentever #homewardbound #USA