3D First Timers

3D First Timers Today was a day of science! We took the girls to Science City in Kolkata and you would have thought that it was Christmas! On our way there my car almost got in a crash with an oncoming car… we were about 2 millimeters away from the other car! Both drivers immediately stopped and we thought that they were going to fight. They argued for a solid 4 minutes and were slapping each other then my driver cocked his arm and was ready to throw a punch. He finally calmed down, but we were a little worried for a second.

When we arrived at Science city we were put in groups of five and started the adventure. We first went through the dinosaur part and the girls were a little scared! Then we went into a building that had the earth separated into different parts. My girls were obsessed with finding where I live on every single globe or picture (there were about 20) and every single time they would go, “Siera home Utah… Utah! USA.” I showed them what snow was and it blew their minds! “oh.. snow cold? White?” the 3D movie that we watched though was the best! The girls couldn’t comprehend how things were coming at them in the movie and either tried to grab the plants in the movie or duck so they wouldn’t get hit. The whole time they just screamed and giggled! They loved it so much! Then we watched a movie in the dome room about the Grand Canyon where the seats laid back. The entire time that we watched it two of my girls were holding my hands and Asma, my youngest girl tickled my arm. We then had ice cream and these girls have never had it before.. they were blown away! Oh I love these girls so much and even though you can’t communicate with them half of the time through words we can still understand each other with a special bond. You can communicate with anyone in any part of the world through a smile. I will never forget these girls and the moments we share. I LOVE INDIA!!

Hugs and Kisses to my family and friends back home!! –Siera Stokes