35 in 25 We need your help!

I have never been afraid to take on a challenge.  We teach YMAD youth how to make BOLD REQUESTS.  We believe that every great outcome starts with a bold request.  Bold requests provide both the offerer and the receiver an opportunity to experience life in a way that is powerful and unpredictable, precipitating growth and change.   Ghandi was able to transform India by asking the British to leave. Lincoln passed the 13th amendment to the US constitution with the request to free all black slaves. Both requests were fraught with difficult challenges that have altered the course of history. I am asking you to help us  provide support and education for  some poor and orphaned girls in India. Just this week we have  seen the last of five YMAD humanitarian missions return home from India for 2012.  Lives have been changed, hearts have been softened and new perspectives have been created for the  participants. Yet, we have left behind  the precious children that have facilitated this change.  We cannot forget them! YMAD  made a commitment to provide education and support for these beautiful, bright, happy girls both in the jungles of West Bengal and the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India.

I have started a campaign to raise $35,000.00 dollars in 25 days to cover the cost for this support for the next year, "35 in 25". My bold request this holiday season is to get in the Spirit of Christmas by getting on to the  YMAD website,  click the "Change a Life " page, pick a girl from West Bengal or Chamba and support her education in full or part for the next year.  100% of these contributions will go directly to these girls and are tax deductible.  I promise if you do, your heart will be full!