It is a quiet Sunday Morning and all is well in Bariupur! The week has flown by. It seems there is a never ending list of things to prepare for and do! The kids never cease to amaze me. Over the course of five days they have worked their hearts out in the rural village schools and at the main day boarding school. They have taught educational workshops, sung, danced, laughed played and even shed a few tears. There are four beautiful murals, a new brick walkway and a beautiful garden by our standards at the main day boarding school. By the time we leave each rural school with have water purifiers, and new mats for the kids to sit on along with lots of school supplies.

I have been thinking about the brick walkway at the MDBS and the effort of the kids to construct it. Carefully leveling the ground and laying out brick then packing with sand. This new path ensures a safe place to walk during the rainy season, keeping the girls out of the mud. I can only imagine how mucky it must get around the school that is built in the swampy delta of the Moogly River.
We have been teaching english for the past week with educational work shops. Another path way that ensures a safe walk through difficult challenges. This path is not as tangible as the brick walk, however it has the potential to completely transform the future for these girls!
Today we taught two hours of intense english in our school. I heard girls that have never spoken english string together four our five sentences! I knew they understood what they were saying, and in a glimpse, I understood the power and immensity of this new pathway. As I looked into the kids eyes they sparkled with joy! I love that they have a Utah accent!
While leaving the school I noticed how the girls clung to our YMAD team! The affection and love we have received for our small effort is overwhelming! Thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts! Know that the resources you have so graciously shared are getting delivered right to the grass roots, where they are mostly needed!