A Day in Singapore

We have officially arrived in Baraipur and couldn’t be more excited!  We arrived after the shortest leg of our travel adventure. We met up with our friend, Rakesh, and moved into our new home far away from home.  The day began with an adventure of a lifetime in Singapore.  We split up into two groups to make the herding of the bees go a little easier.  James and Kelly took their teams and headed for the beach and Raymo and Annie took their teams and headed for the hills on an “On and Off” bus tour of the city.  It turns out that the closest thing to a hill in Singapore is a parking lot curb.  Jane and I tagged along with Raymo and Annie’s groups. After a trip around the city, we ended up under the base of the Sky Flyer, the giant Ferris wheel located close to the water.  Off in the distance the group caught site of the Marina Bay Sands.  One of the biggest hotels you have ever seen in your life.  The 57th floor is a large boat shaped, cantilevered hoogie that floats above thre enormous buildings below.  Our teens decided that they wanted an adventure and set the goal to stand on the top floor.  Arriving at the hotel we found out that it was going to cost us $20.00 US dollars for the elevator ride.  Not wanting to use that much of the teen’s spending money, Jane decided that it was time to put the “Bold Requests” lesson into action.  She walked up to the hotel concierge and explained who we were and why were there and requested free passes for the group to the roof.  After a little more description of our work in West Bengal and some very large puppy dog eyes from fifteen anxious teens, our soon to be “guide” announced that he was going to roll out the red carpet for us.  For the next three and a half hours we toured the areas of the hotel reserved only for the VIP guests, from the infinity edge pool on the roof, to the Louis Vuitton store, assessable only through a private underwater walkway.  It was truly an experience not to be forgotten.  After we thanked and thanked our guide and friend we were off to the “hawkers” market for a lunch that represented many of the Asian cultures.  We found out that some of the kids were not fond of persimmon.  (We did hear that the other group did find and try some durian fruit.) We think they won the award for the bravest eaters!)  Cory’s “five, five, five for nine” proved to be a favorite followed up closely by the noodle soup with char sil and dumplings.  After a quick walk, and reuniting with the other half of the group, and followed by some story swapping, we were off to the airport.  It was a super fun day!  We really couldn’t be more excited to have the teens here and we can hardly wait to introduce them to the girls of the Main Day Boarding School.  We will be there in a few short hours.  Here’s to hoping that this is the last blog we write and that this responsibility will be taken over by your teens.  Thanks for holding down the fort while we are away!  

Much love,

Jane and Jeff