Bonding: By Samantha Anderson

The Operation Parivar meeting on August 4th was a success! All of the members can agree that the group had a definite bonding at this meeting.


          At this particular meeting, there were three TedTalks. These were given by Oakland, Lilli, and Calvin (who came straight from the airport, mind you). They all did such awesome jobs conveying their message, and relating it to our purpose as a group in India.


          Then as we split into our subgroups, we discussed our purposes as a subgroup. For example, communications discussed how the baby picture competition would be ended. The decision was to send all of the rest of the baby pictures into the GroupMe, give a 24-hour time limit to submit final guesses, and bam! All done!


          Refreshments followed in the backyard of Allison’s house, along with a fine game of ninja. Then came the more serious portion of the meeting. Discussion and direction from the leaders came up about our problems as a group.


In general, Operation Parivar was the least adhesive group that the leaders had seen, which came as a huge shock for most of the kids. This sparked an interest in all the kids to do so much better. To solve the issues of the group, which included cliques, not responding to the leaders, and not caring enough, all the leaders went upstairs.


          Once the leaders went upstairs, the adhesive scale of everyone went really high compared to where it was when the adults were around. We went through the list of problems we had as a group. It really helped to tighten the bond between the kids. Everyone went around the circle and said something about themselves that nobody would know, and an embarrassment story about themselves. We also decided that we would hang out way more often, respond to leaders, say thank you more often, come earlier to the meetings to reflect together as kids, and so many more things relating to the bond of the group. Then it was over.