Operation Alo Work Day By Josh Iorg

Operation Alo


On Saturday May 18th operation alo had an amazing workday from 9-3 at the gallery in Salt Lake City. We learned a lot on Saturday and now we are one step closer to being ready for India. We dance, sang, and learned how to teach children.


When we got to the gallery at 9 we started off with Ted talks. We learned a lot of new things from the Ted talks. When we were done with the Ted talks we started to sing and dance. We now know three songs that we are going to sing in India. After that we started to dance. Annie has taught is the whole dance to the song Grease. 


Annie also taught us how to teach girls in India. We had four stations we went to. On station was learning how to read a book and teach the book. The second station was playing head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we learned how to explain everything from head to toes. The third station was learning how to use puppets to have fun with the girls and make them laugh. And the last station was learning to teach words and spell them out. We had an amazing time on Saturday with the group, can’t wait till the next meeting.