Operation Parivar

What we did first was a lesson based on Inspiration. We talked about Mother Teresa, and how she wouldn’t join a anti-war committee. After that we did our ted talks. Following the ted talks we broke out into our lesson groups and we got more familiar with our lessons. Then we got with our teams and discussed announcements and such. Lastly, we tried to get the dance down.

The people that did the ted talks this time was Owen, Grace, and Hayden. They all did a great job and each got 3 constructive criticism and 3 good things they did.

We went into our lesson groups and we learned more stuff about how to teach the best. We learned lots of visual games such as matching games, and then we went to our teams. We discussed how we were doing raising money. We also went over any announcements that we had in our groups.

Lastly, we went over the dance and learned some new moves to go along with the dance.