The Big Meeting By Tyler Murrill

This meeting was a big meeting! We all got to finally see what subjects we are teaching in India. First, however, we had TED talks from Samantha, Clara, and Aidan. Samantha gave a TED talk about person to person communication skills, and tips to improve. One of the most useful was to make sure you are giving the conversation your full attention, and not doing something else like social media. Clara’s TED talk was about a project called fail therapy. Basically, a guy failed 100 different things to show that it is ok to fail. Clara connected this to our fundraising because it is ok to fail and keep trying. Aidan’s TED talk was about gratitude and being grateful for what you have. That is huge for when we are in India and actually get to see what the kids have and what they are grateful for versus what we have in America. After that we had the break and then we took a test. It wasn’t a school test, but a test to determine what kind of learner we are. There are a few different kinds of learners such as audial and visual and I fell into the visual learner category. It is important to know what your learning style is because it changes how you teach and with that, we also got our education subjects! There are six different subjects: getting to know you, health, mother earth, english, everyday living and at home. I got getting to know you, which means I get to teach things like introductions, manners, and more. Each subject has a few lessons to learn before we go. After we got our new subjects, we each got a lesson to teach as practice. The leaders also explained how the groups will work in India, and how to teach. This is where it becomes important to know how you learn, so you can change how you teach. Some of us will spend more time on the games, while others will spend more time with the flash cards. It is also really important to know the different learning styles because in India there might be a time when a kid feels left out or isn’t learning, and know different ways to teach can get everyone involved. After the subject groups, we split into our prep teams and the communications group created a baby picture game. All of us sent baby pictures to Samantha, and she will send a few at a time and let everyone guess which baby fits which teen/leader The winner gets $60 at the second retreat. After announcements and birthdays, we worked on the dance. We could definitely use a little more practice, but September will always be a good song. To finish the meeting we sang “One Day” once and then that was the end of the meeting. See y’all next time!