Gratitude! By Brooke Baugh

At this weeks meeting the topic we focused on was gratitude. Allison gave the presentation and gave us very inspirational quotes about gratitude and being thankful and then she talked about feeling appreciated and making others feel appreciated. She showed us examples and expressed her appreciation to Ashley showing all of us how much that means to someone. Gratitude is a necessity in our life and it makes those who we appreciate feel loved and special. We should also be vulnerable to let people appreciate us and not be fearful. We learned many values that will stick with us throughout our whole lives.


I then was able to give the TED talk. I focused on vulnerability and happiness. I explained that we have to be vulnerable in order to let happiness into our lives. I also made a point that uncertainty makes us live happier lives. It may sound unrealistic that something that can be so scary can make us happy but this is exactly what it does.


It’s important as we prepare for India to become vulnerable with each other and those around us and to be constantly showing gratitude and appreciation.