You’ll never get this moment back by: Mady Sorensen

If I had to choose one specific thing that I have learned from being in India, it would be to live in the moment. I have heard this saying a million times, but it never hit me until this past week or so. I have realized how I was always worried about the past or the future, never truly focusing on the now. In India, it seems as though the world is on pause for these people. They live day to day, no worrying about Snapchat stories or Instagram pictures being perfect. I don’t think they compare themselves half as much as we do on a day to day basis. Today we had our last teaching day in our schools, which meant we had to say goodbye to those amazing kids. I will cherish the moments I had with each and every one of them. I will never get those moments back so I am thankful that I stayed present the whole time. I will never get see Devindare smile at me from across the room or hear him say my name in his accent and flirty way. I will cherish the hugs and kisses I got from Simran every time I got to the school. The priceless laughs of every kid when we pronounce one of their names wrong. I will never hear them call me “Deedee” with the biggest smile on their face. Even down to chasing Gopal and holding him tight in my lap so that he would listen to the lesson. Every feeling I had in that school is a memory now, I will never get those moments back. I will never forget the pure joy and Christlike love I have felt while being here in India. These kids will forever be my second family and I am so grateful for the time I have gotten to spend with them. They are truly amazing.