Them Indian Kids... - Hannah Cope

India just keeps getting better and better! Riding on the bumpy buses, tasting strangely good foods, and taking weird yoga classes where you about die from tiredness are some things that I will always remember. But the best memories that I’ve made so far are the ones where I am smiling and laughing with the cute little Indian kids. Today was our last day teaching in the schools and it was heartbreaking. Since we started teaching the kids I didn’t think about when it would end and when I would have to say goodbye. But now that tomorrow is our last day seeing them, I’m starting to become very VERY emotional! I just can’t explain how happy these kids make me. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t experience it for themselves can know the joy that these special kids can bring you. Since it was our last teaching day we did a little bit of review and then just took pictures and played around. We brought in a soccer ball and the kids absolutely loved it! When they were playing with it I thought about my life back home and how I get to play soccer every day and I don’t even think twice about how blessed I am to be able to play the sport. I have at least 10 soccer balls lying around in my house and they only have one ripped and flat one. This is a simple example, but there are a lot of things like this that I take for granted that these kids will never have or never be able to have. I’m just so thankful to be able to experience the joy and gratitude that these kids have even though they live such hard lives and have so little. This goes to show that true happiness doesn’t come from things and riches, it comes from within, and comes from your outlook on life and how you choose to live it.


I know that all I’ve been talking about is the kids but I just can’t get over them! They are by far the best part of India for me. My favoriteeee kid is named Vicrant. Holy moly I can’t explain how funny he is! Every time I look at him he makes a weird or cute face and starts to dance or do something crazy. And I can’t help but laugh as hard as I can when he does that. I just wish I could speak Hindi so that I could talk to him and learn more about his life and what he loves. He is a ray of sunshine and I know that I will never ever forget him. It’s so crazy how one person can completely brighten your day within a second. Ahh I’m just going to miss all of them so much! It’s like they are a part of me now. 


I’ve talked enough about the kids haha, but now I want to talk about how it is here in India. It’s wonderful! Every time I walk out of our little hotel I feel like I’m living in a dream and I never want to wake up. The buildings are all colorful, the mountains are bright green, the streets are filled with people and fun noises, and the air is filled with the strangest/coolest smells. It all feels so unreal because it’s so different from what I’m used to. But that’s why I love it and why I want to stay longer and learn more and more about it. I’m just so thankful for this opportunity that I’ve had to come here and learn so much! I’ve truly been changed and can’t wait to share about the experiences and adventures that I’ve had. YMAD has been such a blessing to me and I’m just so dang happy! Once again, I LOVE INDIA!!!