I’m a Crybaby by: Abby Jorgenson

Last day of teaching. Still an hour and a half left until we had to say goodbye but I kept thinking about the last time I would ever get to see these kids.


We split the kids into group just letting them play. The older kids were playing with the wooden train set and all of a sudden, the emotions hit me. Partly because I love these kids so much and I don’t want to ever leave them. Partly because something as simple as a little train set could make these kids so happy. A toy most of them have probably never played with in their life.


I tried so hard to keep my tears to myself but while the girls were playing. I looked up and saw Suhani (the little girl pictured). Her eyes were watered over and you could see where her face was wet from a tear rolling down her cheek. I don’t know if she totally understood what was going on but it broke my heart seeing her like that because of me. If I have done nothing else and least, I could get to this little girl’s heart in one way or another.


When it was actually time to say goodbye, we gave all the kids a backpack with a blanket, a hygiene kit, school supplies, and a few other gifts. The backpacks were way too big for their little bodies and the look on their faces was so good, I would’ve traveled 48 hours to India just to see those smiles.


We were able to give a few hygiene kits to the people in the village and they were so grateful and full of joy. It’s amazing to see the difference between our two cultures. We have so much and are often so unhappy and unsatisfied with our lives. How great it must be to live so simply and humbly the smallest things bring you joy.


I want to be more like them. I want to be full of gratitude. To be humble. To be happy with the life I have been given. I want to live every day using the lessons I have learned through YMAD and try to become a better person. I love India. I love these kids and will miss them more than anything. I’ll never forget this experience or the smiles on those beautiful faces.


P.S. to Mom, Dad, and Ella I miss you lots. Jace I’m only a little sunburned and Cole, Indiana is a blast. Love you all!