Only love by: Emily Royall

When starting this journey you never actually know what to expect so there is that unknown fear that clings to you like a blanket of fog. Then in a blink of an eye it happens and you are there and instead you feel only joy and excitement for what’s to come. That was me on this trip. I was terrified, with never leaving having left the United States before and especially going somewhere without my family for two weeks it was a challenge. But with friends Chase, Bryson, Taneh, Dallin from my ward and with two leaders as well, Tim and Sheryl they have made this experience worth wild. In all coming to India has become one of the greatest decisions of my life! It has taught me so much and made me appreciate more about where I live.


-Bathrooms (I HATE BUCKET SHOWERS) and having to squat as you go to the bathroom. Not fun.

-FOOD! This Is a big topic for me because I am the pickiest eater and almost everyone here thinks I will probably will die because I don’t eat any of the food here, because I find it gross. Are they wrong? No, they are not. So I am excited for Pizza, CHICK-FIL-A, Subway, and Chili!!!

And then clean water! I am ready not to always having to have a water bottle, and the fear if I eat/drink this will I DIE?

Just small things to think about.


But most of all the empowering love I have for everyone on this team, they are so amazing and have made this trip worth wild, each one has a piece of my heart that can’t be replaced. We have cried together, laughed together, they have literally become like a second family to me. I could never ask for more perfect team then the one right now.


Okay that’s all. Mom respond to the blog please so I know you are missing me. Thanks!