From teaching in the schools, attending a yoga class that was more like a 7th grade gym class, attempting to Bollywood dance, going to a local temple, painting, and going out to dinner, we’ve had a few busy, fun-filled days! Friday and Saturday we were in the schools again which is always a blast! I felt like I’ve really been able to connect with my kids and most of them even know me and the rest of my team by name! They still love to play “duck, duck, goose” and we even taught them how to play “down by the banks,” “freeze tag” (although they call it “water and ice”) and they’re as rambunctious and wild as ever! One of my favorite things to do with them during the lessons is switch their name tags and call them by what their tag says rather than their actual name and they crack up every time especially when I give them the pin with my name. The older kids are so lively and competitive especially the group of four boys who we have; Vikrant, Ishan, Suraj, and Surianshu. The littles are still getting the hang of learning English but are still as adorable and reckless as always.

            The only way to describe the yoga lesson Friday night would have to be both hilarious and unexpected. I know that I was looking forward to relaxing after a long, hot day at the schools, but instead we revisited the good old junior high physical education days. We did squats, jumping jacks, and other exercises all while listening to the motivational words by a very interesting gentleman who we could barely understand at times except when he shouted, “YOU CAN DO IT!” and “IF YOU DO NOT CLOSE YOUR MOUTH YOU WILL DIE VERY SOON!”

            Saturday night we had the coolest opportunity to go to a Bollywood dance lesson which was surprisingly so fun! It was awesome to see the other teens dance on the stage and show off their moves!

            Sunday morning we also were given another awesome opportunity and visited a local temple in Kullu. It was so interesting to compare the religious practices done in India to the ones done back home and I was able to get a small glimpse of what its really like! We participated in a ceremony where each of us were given safety band which is meant to give us good luck and protection so that was super neat so Mom and Dad, you don’t have to worry about me as much anymore and can have peace and comfort knowing that a small, red-threaded bracelet is watching over me! ;)) We then spent the rest of the day Sunday painting and fixing up one of the schools we teach at. It was nice to have a little bit of down time but also be serving others and “making a difference” if you get what I mean! Can’t wait for everything else in store for us on this expedition!