My Heart Is So Full - By Mady Sorensen

Where to even start… I cannot believe I only have 2 lessons left to teach my sweet kids. (Yes, I call them “MY” kids) This week has gone by so fast, which is both good and bad. Good because I cannot wait to walk into the bathroom without having to put shoes on! (and missing my fam). Bad because I have to leave THE sweetest kids. They are so much more amazing than I had expected. Which was a lot. They made the 20 hour plane rides and 18 hour bus ride all worth it. You can see the light in their eyes as they look up at you and say your name over and over again. I will cherish the joy they have brought into my life forever. My village team keeps showing each other pictures that we took that day and saying “ahh I just love that one” or “she/he is such a sweetheart” to every picture. I have been teaching them about mother earth this week and I taught about animals the other day. They cannot pronounce “F”, they say it as “P”. When I was showing them a picture of a fish, they kept saying “pish pish” and for frog they would say “prog prog”. My heart was so full as I watched these kids try and try to say these words correctly. My village team always teases me because I use an accent when I teach them words without noticing. I start to say the words in their accent even though I’m the one that speaks English and knows how to say it right. It is an on going joke now. There is a little boy named Devindare. He is 10 years old and everyone sees that he has a little crush on me. (He is the boy on the right, with the little smirk). He will constantly say, “picture picture!”. He is so smart and such a sweetheart. He says my name different than the other kids and it is so cute. I cannot believe how fast these kids pick up on words. I have so much love for these kids, I cannot even begin to describe. India has filled my heart to the very tippy top. Although I do have to say, I cannot wait to take a shower in a real shower and not with a bucket(; love you all!! 


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