Deep Thoughts by JimTim



10+ hours in flight Salt Lake to Amsterdam.

6 hour layover, toured the city by river boat.

8+ hour flight to New Delhi.  Arrived 3am. 95 degrees.

Left airport around 5am, 16+ hour bus ride to Kullu.

Ca-rash! No, not a car accident, our bodies- when we finally hit the beds after 11pm.


2nd- observations.  One word.  Explained.


Abby        Joy. The gleam in her eyes tells us everything about her experience thus far.

Ada          Connecting.  Connects with each student in a mature, honoring, loving way.

Bryson      Engaged.  He’s all in.  Kids adore him.  They pile on him with affection.

Cambria   Smiles.  Every time I see her.  Has like 37 reasons to be smiling.  Looking for #38.

Chase      Grateful.  Scenery, India smells, drivers driving, wants to move here.

Connor    Confident.  Softly using his big heart to make a huge impact with his students.

Dallin       Brotherly.  Taking charge in seeing that his family is watched over and safe.

Delainey   Vulnerable.  Putting herself out there.  Enjoying the dance floor!!

Dyani       Calm.  In control, adding so much by exemplifying approachable confidence.

Emily       Pure.  Being herself and giving permission to others to be themselves.

Gabby     Sensitive.  Tears of joy, gratitude, and wanting this not to come to an end.

Hannah   Humble.  Accepting.  Experiencing.  Quietly influencing me and others.  Powerful.

Joseph    Present.  In the moment.  Drawing each of us in.  Embracing.

Katie       Fun.  Funny.  Cracks us up.  So loves her students and teammates.

Maddie    Powering.  Rising above a cold to still envelop her students with all she’s got.

Mady      Shining.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  Lovingly

Natalie    Absorbing.  Taking it all in.  Giving back.  Her humble smile is inspiring.

Olivia     Thriving.  In her element, in her zone; it’s obvious in her bright countenance.

Paige      Prepared.  Can’t wait to interact with the students.  Excited for each day.

Sydnee   Gifted.  Her students and her teammates both are blessed by her.

Taneh     Eating.  Something he excels in.  Perhaps the best at it.  And being chivalrous.


Marce     Busy.  Busy caring, guiding, directing, planning, loving, serving.

Chris       Enjoying.  This kid’s definitely back in his favorite candy store.

Gretta    Supporting.  Dependable, rock steady, insightful, caring, inspiring.

Stacy      Partnering.  Open and accepting, humble and graceful, empathic and fun.

Carrie     Gift.  She is.  High energy, fun, selfless, puts everyone else first.

Sheryl    Giving.  Always.  Came to our school and captured priceless photos attached.

Tim         Pranking.  Observing.  Learning.  These people, this family….simply amazing.


All the work in FUNdraising, all the time committed, all the effort to be here….all worth it.