My Humanitarian “Trip” by Connor Dority

Man oh man where do I even start with this… This whole entire thing has been a whirlwind and it seems that time flies by 10x quicker here and I wish I could just slow it down a little. Nearly a year ago I started the YMAD processes to make it to this point. I’d like to say thank you to the many people who backed me in this. First, my parents; they have kept me in line for the things I needed to do for fundraising, meetings and retreats. I love you mom and dad, THANK YOU. Big shout out to some of the most amazing people ever. Marce and Chris (my second parents) you have helped shape me into who I am and I forever be grateful. To all of you who have donated I wish you could be here to share the moment with me! I hope through these blogs you can see all the lives that are being changed because of your generous donations. Thank You.


Now, about the trip here. 20+ hours of flight time and the 18ish hour bus ride felt like an eternity! But when I first stepped into the schools and saw those smiles, every minute spent sitting on my booty was well worth it! I would do it all over again just to live that moment. The first day was very surreal. I was still in the phase of “where the heck am I?” and “I miss my bed and my dog”. It took until around lunch time at the school for me to really kick it in. Second day I came down with a cold and it has been kicking me in the butt ever since but I don’t let it ruin my time with my little angels. Today was SO exhausting. It went from rain the last two days to intense heat. The kids have warmed up to me and so they were crawling all over me all day hahaha! Towards the end of the school day my village team and the school kids and a fun little dance party, and boy can they dance! I’m so anxious for these upcoming days and to spend every moment I can with them. The reason I put the quotations around trip in the title is because I’ve felt like I was at home ever since day one at the school. I wish this could never end. As Chris once said, “this is pay day” I can attest that this is the best pay day that ant anyone cab get. Dad if you’re reading this tell Ginger I love her and I miss her.