Jet Lag, Duck Duck Goose, and Dogs. - Bryson Rasmussen

Humbling Is the best way to describe my trip to India so far. I mean, how else are you supposed to feel when your squatting over a literal hole in the ground trying to poop? This journey has been such an emotional roller coaster (and a physical one when we’re on the bus’s) I was starting to second guess my decision to come here after experiencing jet lag, nausea, headaches, and extreme heat but, by lunch time of the first day in the schools I knew It was all worth it. I can honestly say I would die for any of my kids and I have known them for only 3 days.


Vansh Is a mischievous boy and yet he Is the smartest one In the school and after getting acquainted with his loud (and slightly obnoxious) personality I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Ashmita Is one of the smallest girls in the school and I have been blessed to be her favorite teacher. She follows me everywhere and loves hugs. Today someone cut her In line to get a polaroid picture and she began to cry and immediately the training I have had with my baby nephews kicked in and I Instinctually picked her up and began to comfort her. When she stopped crying, we got a polaroid and while we were going to let her keep it we had to take it from her because she started chewing on the picture and ink got all over her face. I will treasure that polaroid forever (Saliva and all.) Duck Duck goose Is by far the most popular game at the school and the champion Is Kunal, He is incredibly fast and will grab your leg if your too slow when “Goosing” him. I laughed so hard when Katie ignored my warnings of Kunal’s supreme skill and she “Goosed” him and got caught immediately thereafter. She doesn’t pick Kunal any more haha!


I have made so many lasting memories already and I have so many great pictures and videos. Every time I take a picture all the kids yell “Mira! Mira!” which I assume means “Let me see!” or “Over here!” and they all circle around to see the picture which is so cute! (however I have been mobbed a few times…) One last thing before I go, I have to mention all the animals!!! I love animals so much and I have seen dozens of monkeys, donkeys, cows, and dogs. I tried to pet the first dog I saw only to be forbidden to pet any dogs I saw for the whole trip. I would have an internal crisis every time I saw a dog and I can honestly say that If I wasn’t scared of Sheryl, I would have pet one. BUT! Today Sheryl wasn’t with us and a dog came up to me and literally begged for pets and I am proud to say that I pet him and I love him and he is a good boy. (I really hope Sheryl doesn’t read this tough!) I bathed my hands in hand sanitizer right after so I’ll be fine, Also, If everyone gets fleas from the dog I only accept one third of the responsibility because Katie and our translator Yeshika pet the dog too! (like I said, he was a very good boy) Even though It’s hard at times I can’t be more grateful for this experience and I will never forget it and we aren’t even half way done! I can’t wait for more!