Up In The Clouds by Dallin Brown

Where to begin? I’m not clever enough to start anywhere besides the traveling. First flight was a total breeze. Just chillin and watching movies and occasionally walking around to chat with people. Unfortunately I must admit defeat and say that my mom was correct in saying that plane food is quite mediocre. Anyways, first flight passes and we have now arrived in Amsterdam! We had a six hour layover in which we briefly toured the area and had the opportunity to go on a river boat ride. I enjoyed the scenery for a while but fell sound asleep due to staying up the entire first flight. Now on to the second flight which was much less fun than the first. While on the first flight I was able to sit next to my chums, I was separated from everyone during the second. Luckily I had an aisle seat but the Indian man sitting next to me wasn’t very interested in giving me much personal space. I ended up standing and talking with Tim and others for at least three hours so I could avoid sitting down.

Arriving in India was a wild turnout. We were able to get our luggage just fine and prepared to get to the bus. Moments after finally exiting the airport, we were hit with such immense humidity and heat that it was almost too much to take in. Shortly after stepping outside we were all sweating like none other. We ended up waiting outside for at least 20 min in the heat. For the sake of time I will skip over the bus ride which was a bit of a hit and miss situation.

First day of teaching was an awesome experience. I was a bit unsure of my teaching capabilities in the beginning but once I had the chance to work with the older kids, it was great. The 4thand 5thgraders were way more engaged in the lessons than the other groups which was a great turnaround from working with the little kids. During the first day I didn’t get too much of a chance to play with the kids but I still enjoyed it. On to the second day, where it was pouring rain pretty much the whole time. I also had the chance to be group leader, who  doesn’t teach lessons but goes around and organizes the groups and activities. I had much more time to play with the kids this day which was a total blast. Once you pick up a single kid, they all flock toward you expecting the same treatment. At the end of the day I lifted one kid up to touch the ceiling and thought I could leave it at that. Literally every other kid was in aww at what action I had just performed and now demanded that I do it for all of them. I then proceed to lift, what I believed to be, every single kid in the school (45) so they could touch the ceiling. That’s all from me for now, by everyone!