Taneh's Amazing Blog

This is my blog. This expedition so far has been an amazing experience. The 40 hour plane/bus trip from Salt Lake to Kullu wasn’t exactly the best thing ever but it was definitely worth it. I am so glad that I have this amazing opportunity along with the amazing friends I have made in my YMAD group.

When we first got to India in New Delhi, it was so freakin hot! I literally thought that it was a possibility that I was going to die of heat on this trip. I was ready to have to deal with that the entire trip but it brought so much joy to my heart when we got to our area in northern India and it actually felt nice outside. It has been really kinda rainy weather ever since we got here and I love it! What I found fascinating about India is how they were driving. They are always honking their horns but it was all for communication. Nobody follows the lines on the road but they never seem to have any issues.

The first day in the school was awesome. When we first got there, there were a bunch of the cutest kids ever lined up against the walls, doing some schoolwork. Ever since that moment, I knew it is going to be very hard to leave at the end of the two short weeks we have here in India.

I love playing with the kids! Those who know me know that I truly am not good with words but I really love messing around with the kids. They seem so happy and are so cute it just fills me with so much joy when I spend time with them.

I love this adventure so much already and I definitely don’t want it to end in a week and a half.