I Love You India! by Hannah Cope

All I can say so far is WOW! India Is such an incredible place! I didn’t realize how crazy things were here and how different it is from where I am every day. While riding a bus for 16 hours during travel we passed by crumbling buildings, piles of trash, stray cows and dogs, and bunches of people. One thought that came to my mind instantly while passing those things was how extremely blessed I am. I have everything I could possible need in my life, and these people don’t have enough of what they need. It just amazes me how they are able to live in these crazy circumstances and still be happy and content with life. I am so inspired to be better and to do better because of what I’ve seen here!


Our second day in the schools was today and it was amazing! I can’t explain the love that I already have for the kids and how excited I get when I see their cute little faces. I’m learning so much from them because of their beautiful spirits and kind hearts. No matter what we’re doing they’re always smiling and laughing, and spreading the joy that they have. That’s what I love about these kids. Even though they have so little, they are still so happy! They’ve taught me that I should be thankful for all of the simple things in my life that make me happy. I will always remember these kids and this wonderful experience. I’ve already learned so much, and can’t believe we still have another week and a half! I’m excited to experience more and feel the same joy that I’ve felt over the past couple of days. I love you India!!!