dEneNENEnedeNEEeeee by Cambria McAfee

I know my parents must think that I am jealous that they have comfy beds and not bucket showers, but to inform you, you should be jealous of me. These kids are beautiful. Beautiful in a way that you cannot explain. All the way from their cute braids all the way to their dirty sandals. These kids are so eager to not only learn but to show you the most amount of love they can give you. When we first arrived to our school this little kid was scared of us and was balling. The teacher told us he was a “problem” which we assumed she was dramatic but indeed he was. He would escape our lesson and run away. At the end of the day after we played our games he came up to me, pointed to his nose, and exclaimed with enthusiasm “NOSE!” Who would have that the word nose could make your whole day. All this preparation has shown that it was all worth it. Literally every second of all the Sunday meetings to the stressful packing to trying to say their names. I love it here and I love these kids. When they hold my hand and their tiny hand unravels in mine so we can run in mouse trap cheese trap, or to hold my hand to make a circle, or simply to show me the eyes they drew on their Mr. Potato head. I have never laughed so much in such short span of time. When I ask them to repeat my name and I just get a smile but of course no repeat, moments like these I want to pack them in my duffel and take them home with me. Holy cow, this is insane.Their love is insurmountable and I cannot explain it.

I hope when I grow up I am just like them. This is an experience I will live by for the rest of my life by. Thank you India, you have already changed me.