Bucket showers are kind of empowering by: Paige Case

I felt like i was in the way of everybody in Amsterdam. Like the sidewalk is actually a bike lane and so there was lots of hand gestures and furious bell ringing aimed at the jetlagged group of american kids. Amsterdam felt familiar, but it had this rhythm that was just slightly off of everything i’m used to. That’s what I was thinking on the second plane ride, but then there’s New Delhi. The contrast between amsterdam and New Delhi was insane. Amsterdam had this rhythm that was foreign to me, but India’s rhythm is out of this world. It’s complete chaos yet somehow the bus driver was able to seemlessly navigate through it all. We’ll be passing another bus on the wrong side of the road and a motorcycle or a white car or another colorful bus will be heading straight on and the driver will accelerate. It was quite impressive. The driving here would put my dad in a fit of road rage that would last until the end of time and that fact that this craziness all happened on an windy and unpaved cliff would give my mom a panic attack. Hehe but I loved it. Honestly, if I’m ever spaced out and you wanna know what’s going on inside my brain, India’s traffic is the best way to describe it. I was actually more focused on the view outside the window than the fact that we were heading staight into a colorful tata. It was seriously the most beautiful place i’ve seen.

Every single second looking out the window is like a snap shot into a new persons whole life. Their houses or their shops. The woman wearing bright and colorful traditional clothing standing next to her daughter wearing all black leggings and a crop top. The kids or the old man. I’m seeing streets lined with stray dogs and cows and monkeys and cute kids and it’s 109 degrees. The only way to even begin to understand Indias rhythm is from a bumpy 18 hour bus ride. Every time you look out the window you see a brief moment of each of these peoples lives. But even 18 hours isn’t enough. Holy crap, once you get into the schools and it all makes sense.

It’s chaos. You don’t understand one word but the kids are chanting and it sounds pretty, and the little boys are punching eachother and you can’t really stop it but the little girl is holding your hand and won’t let go. There’s honking and insane roads but the mountains and the river are unreal. It’s gorgeous. It’s exactly what I need. I feel better than i’ve felt in forever in India, kinda free ya know. And it all kinda hit me when I was taking a bucket shower.


*read that like how Gabby was singing while she was high on melatonin and benadryl after standing out side in the humid delhi airport for like 4 years*

Hi mom hi dad