AJ and Courage by Chey Maxwell--Operation Alo

On March 17th, Operation Alo got the opportunity to gather and hear from Aj at the Spencer Eccles Business Auditorium in SLC Utah. While at the auditorium we learned how to not waste time, focus only on what you want to be, public speaking skills, discipline through silence and how to make decisions.

The one topic that stuck out the most to me was decision making. I learned that to make a good decision you must be silent. The best leaders can make decisions in the blink of an eye because they can connect with their six senses. Looking at things in a positive perspective can change the way you take situations and how you deal with them.

Another topic that caught my eye was to not waste time. I learned to focus on what I want to be in the future and work towards my goal without giving up. Social media can be a big distraction from getting yourself to your future goal so putting social media and non-essential activities away can help you be in the moment and get you closer to your goal day by day. Time means opportunity and wasting your time can limit many of the opportunities that are open.

AJ taught us many great life lessons that we will be able to use all throughout our life.

Later that night after a great presentation by AJ, we went back to the gallery to learn about courage from Jeff.