Communications Social By: Samantha Anderson

Communications Social


On Saturday, April 27th, Operation Parivar had a successful social hosted by the Communications Team. We watched a movie at Amy Scharman’s house, ate delicious food, played games, and talked. There was a nasty game of 9-square in the backyard that was really fun. Instead of 9-square on the ground, we used a pvc pipe structure to throw the ball above us instead of below us. Of course, there was some trash talk. Especially between Tyler and pretty much everyone else :) (sorry Tyler). That lasted for about 30 minutes. It was a very popular activity that night. After that, we feasted. There was a variety of food, including yummy cheeseburgers, salad, pasta salad, fruit, chips, and soda. Everyone downed the food so fast. Then, came the movie. The obvious choice to everyone was Nacho Libre. After all, they don’t think he knows a crap buttload about the gospel, but Nacho does. It was a fun, successful night!