To India, with Love by Camden Sorenson

Dear India

First things first, thank you. The villages of Dansa and Jaguni have changed my life. The took the old me and improved hi I every way imaginable. Thank you for showing me my kids who love so freely and so quickly. Thank you for showing me that I’m deserving of love, but also should give love as freely as the little ones I have fallen in love with these last two years. There is something about the smell of burning garbage and curry that registers in my mind as home, and if I’m home then my kids are near by. From the children of Dansa, the ones who remembered me, and the ones who didn’t. Leaving them was as hard as it was the first time. Which led me to one of the highlights of the trip, having all of my kids in Jaguni hang off of my shoulders, arms, neck, and legs, even though I was sunburnt and it caused a legitimate amount of pain! Thank you for the culture that surrounds me from the moment I step out of my door. Last of all thank you for the hard goodbyes. If there wasn’t the pain there wouldn’t be the joy, and without the joy this experience wouldn’t be worth it. Being these kids “big brother” has been beautiful and I will never forget it. Thank you India for showing me who I can be and what I can do

Yours truly, 


P.S. Sorry this doesn’t have a lot of humor, I wrote it in my journal and I felt like sharing… so here’s a joke!

What do you call a cow with no legs?


Go tell someone you love them! 

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