Sermon From the Monkey King by Adam Hildt

India so far has been amazing! I feel like I have been here a lot longer than a week. My roommates Riley and Camden are also the best! Everyday we wake up at 8:00, take our bucket showers and get ready and then come up fro breakfast at 8:50, breakfast starts at 8:30 and we are late every morning. I feel exhausted everyday in the village, before we start our lessons I always think to myself “I don’t know how I’m gonna do this today.” It is tough to not try my hardest when the kids are so amazing! They are always so energetic and are constantly wanting attention. I feel like a celebrity whenever I am around them. There are times when they will push and hit each other, arguing about who gets to hold my hand or be the closest to me. I love teaching my lessons to the kids because it makes them so happy. They always have the biggest smile on their face, and are all eager to participate. The funny thing is they are all little suck ups, I feel like it’s a competition to be my favorite. Once I start picking up one of my flash cards, all the kids dive over each other trying to pick the rest of them up. They always call me Adasir. And sometimes they will say my name while I am in the middle of my lesson, and just hold up their hand for a high five. They are so sweet and helpful and just the best! I never knew I could learn to love 40 little kids in just a week. I don’t know how I will be able to say goodbye. We are planning on going to the Monkey Temple in Shimla in a few days. At the beginning of the trip Riley and I started calling it the Monkey Kingdom as a joke. We were told if we call it that we have to do it quietly because it is apparently really offensive to the people, but we still do it. We visited a little monkey temple worshipping the same God and there was a guy inside who put a red dot on our face. We would go in one by one. When I went in, the guy gave me this special red bracelet. When I came out everybody was wondering why I got a bracelet when none of them had gotten one, I told them that it was because I was anointed the Monkey King. Everyone then acknowledged me as the true Monkey King. It is very funny but still apparently disrespectful so we have to keep it on the DL. This first week has been amazing! I love India!