Forgiveness: By Bentley Ardnt

Operation Parivar

The meeting was a success! What we did first was a lesson based on forgiveness. We all had to think of someone in our lives that we needed to forgive. The leaders didn’t tell anyone to speak up, but we could tell that people were affected positively. 

After that lesson we had our Ted Talks and all three of them did a fantastic job. Mckelle talked about being a perfectionist and how it could be a useful skill, although it can become very bad for you to try to become perfect. Felicity talked about how everyone has a different perspective and how it can become useful to the group. Grace talked about soccer and how it applies to our lives.

Lastly we went into our groups and we planned out the activities that we will be doing in the coming months. We also went over any announcements that we had in our groups, for example the letter writing party to ask for money from relatives, friends, and etc. We ended on a good note by singing “One Day” as one entity.

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