No Worries By Tanner Woodbury

I watched the sun rise 2 days ago and it was the most peaceful thing ever. Shout out to Bryan for suggesting that. People in houses around the hotel wake up really early and water their gardens and get stuff done. They don’t stress much about the rest of their day. I love the fact that everyone’s so in the moment here. Currently I really miss my sister <3 also I can’t wait to go on a canyon drive with Tay, the best person in the world. These kids are so loving! The other day we went to all of the schools to sing and dance and random kids that didn’t even know me would come up and get in my arms and hold my hand, it’s so amazing. These kids are now a big part of my heart, Manpreet came up, sat on my lap, and kissed me on the cheek today and my heart sank. The older girls at my school are my best friends, I love when they try to teach me Hindi. These kids have taken away all of my worries. My translator, Kavi, is also my best friend! Last night we had a fashion show in our awesome new clothes and Megan O., Katelyn and I pretty much stole the show. That’s all, bye.