Operation Parivar’s First Retreat! By Tyler Murrill

Operation Parivar’s First Retreat!


This weekend was the first retreat for this years northern expedition to Chamba, India. This was the first meeting aside from the parent meeting and our first meeting with lessons. 


When we first go there we played a few games to get to know each other better, and then after the games were the lessons. 


We learned about integrity, life lenses and fundraising from Ashley, while Jens talked about elevator speeches. The life lenses are about how we see ourselves and the world, and choosing to view the world from new lenses. We usually see ourselves in a bad light, and it helps to choose not to. 


The integrity lessons are about keeping your word and if you can’t keep it, honor it. 


The elevator speeches are a short pitch to ask for donations. They aren’t very long, but should be effective. 


After the lessons and dinner, we found out what our prep teams are. We started to work on whatever team we were assigned to, such as communications, gratitude design, and dance. 


After that everyone got to hang out before bed and just spend time getting to know each other. The next day we had our final lesson before cleaning up and leaving. 


The next meeting is going to be on the 17 but I’m already excited for India. This is a good group of teens and a fantastic group of leaders. It is hard to fund raise, but worth every bit of effort and I know that this group can do it. This is going to be a good year not just for us but for the lucky kids in India who get to have them.


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