Prepared for India? Operation Sapna By Porter Graham

This week we had another amazing YMAD meeting! We started by heading up to the University of Utah for the return celebration for Operation Azadi. They spent their Thanksgiving holiday in Chamba, India. The return celebration has pumped us up for our Sapna (just a reminder sapna means dream in Hindi) Expedition. Our “Dream Team.” expedition. As members of YMAD we got to help close out the celebration by singing “One Day,” the YMAD theme song.

After the return celebration we returned to our team meeting. We as teens met together and discussed our plan to prepare for India. What we needed to do to support each other and play at our highest level as individual and as a group.

We are excited for this upcoming weekend. This will be our final retreat from Friday into Saturday. Where some of the finishing touches come into play. Including discovering our village teams. Who we will be spending our days with in the 5 different individual villages in India. Watch for the upcoming blog posts!