2nd Retreat, Day Two - by Tanner Woodbury

Operation Sapna had our second retreat on Friday and Saturday January 11th and 12th. On Saturday, after staying up until 3 am. We woke just 4 and 1/2 hours later. We had a breakfast. of bagels, fruit and yogurt. Next we got to put jigsaw puzzles together. We had to find out who had the matching pieces to complete a photo of an eyeball. Not any eyeball mind you but the eyeball of our adult mentor for our villages. There are 5 different village teams. Each village team has 5 student leaders and one adult mentor. We then got our new shirts for Operation Sapna! Then we divided into our education groups and planned more on our emergency lesson for India - just in case our luggage that our lesson plans are in happen to get lost on the flight. We hear that it has happened more than once. After cleaning up we went back over to the church to sharpen up on our awesome team dance. You will see it at the Family meeting before we leave to India. Be prepared to be blown away. We then took pictures in our new shirts and departed for home.

Thanks for all your support!